Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bouquet-Day - The Anemone

Today I want to highlight a flower that I have been seeing a lot of lately in my wedding research.  The Anemone.  The Anemone is a genus of about 120 species of flowering plants in the buttercup family.  Its name is believed to be Greek and mean "Daughter of the Wind".  Variations of this perennial come in purples, whites, yellows, reds, and also blues, however today I want to discuss the White variety with the black center.

There is something so delicate, yet so bold about this flower, it really has got me in awe when I see it in a bridal bouquet.  Sometimes its the main and only flower in an arrangement, and sometimes its just an accent, but regardless, it completely stands out with its beauty.

Here, the abundance of green leaves added to the bouquet make the flower look more delicate and full bodied...

This bouquet is my favorite at the moment. Adorned with huckleberry and sword fern, these French Anemones look vintage and gorgeous.  As you know, I am a big fan of the vintage look, so this bouquet has me wondering if I should go completely vintage in my look!  The bouquet was arranged by Kate Holt of Flowerwild.

Here is the perfect accompaniment for the groom's boutonniere. The single bloom is very sophisticated and bold.

And finally, Anemones also allow for a splash of color.  As I mentioned above, they come in various shades and palettes, and going with my purple and green theme, I was able to find this stunning bouquet in all shades of purples, blues, and whites...  It is even flanked by Peacock feathers (always a nice touch in my book).

There is something modern and yet classic about this bouquet... and I really enjoy it... It's a little large to me, but not overly large... I like it though, and adds a gorgeous deep color across her ivory gown.

So those are my highlights on the Anemone.  I'm still somewhat up in the air about how I am going to do my flowers, but I really do enjoy the look of these, and think they are both unique and special.  I hope they leave you inspired to look beyond the roses, and think about something different for your day!

Happily Ever After,
Your Bizzy Bride

Monday, May 30, 2011

Wishful Weekend

Well... its a long weekend, so although I am a little late, I think it still counts!!!  Monday's are usually MY Wedding Monday... but i'm going to combine a little... Last weekend was a "want", and it is something that I am definitely going to get... this weekend is a wish, because although, its totally doable, its really just not going to work for our wedding... SO with MY wedding Monday in mind, I bring you a Wishful weekend!

The ever growing popular Photo Booth!!

My brother, who just so happens to be my photographer, not to mention, one of the best wedding photographers out there, said he could do it... but I want him to be able to enjoy the evening too... I dont want him tethered to a photo booth.  He would be taking each shot, not a machine... but like i said too much work, and I want him out on the dance floor too!

I found this rental company, The Photo Booth Shop, but I have no idea how much they cost based on their website... all I know is that they require a $450 retainer... sooooo, they are probably pretty expensive!

I also found Party Booths.com which actually seems to be popular in my area for only $1095 for 4 hours... which is kind of a lot... but they send someone to set it up, monitor, and take it down... and you get two copies (one for the guest, and one for the couple) and a guestbook for the guests to put it in.  

This is why I wish I could have a photo booth.  For the Guest book alone... I think it is the cutest idea.  A friend of mine did that at her wedding, and her photo booth guest book is her favorite thing... even more than her regular fancy album.  Your guest can be funny in the booth, they can bring props, and then you get the picture as their favor and you get to see them enjoying your big day... just look....

I just think it serves plenty of purposes to be worth the money, but it doesn't seem like it will make sense for our big day... Thinking of the layout of our ballroom and the venue as a whole, I am not sure where exactly there would be room for a photo booth.  So a wish it will remain... maybe for our 25th wedding anniversary we could have one!

If you have the money and the room, and aren't sure what you want to do about a guest book, then I suggest the photo booth, and fully endorse it. 

Its a long weekend, and I love it... Happy Memorial Day, and thank you to all the vets out there!  Without all of you, we couldn't Live Happily Ever After!!
Your Bizzy Bride!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Favor Friday - With a Sparkle!

So I was looking around this morning for the perfect favor to highlight in today's post, and then I saw it... and the more I looked, the more I found... and the more I found, the more ideas I came up with... and today's Friday Favor post was "born"... Let's just jump right in...

The Wedding Sparkler... I found these on FavorIdeas.com... My favorite one, the "Have a Heart" Wedding Sparkler package. There are 6 sparklers per box, and require a minimum purchase of 12 boxes.  The cost being 8$ per box... they create a nice send off for the bride and groom.

These Gold Wedding Sparklers from Hanson Ellis are 18 inches long, and can be personalized.  For $1.19 per pair, you can add a colored ribbon, and for an additional 50 cents per, you can add a personalized tag.

These shimmering wedding sparklers are called "A Sparkle of Love" from FavorIdeas.com are $1.75 for a sleeve of 6 sparklers.  They have a minimum of 18 sleeves ordered, and they come in 9.5 and 17 inch lengths.

Now... what can a bride and groom and/or their guests do with these sparklers?? I'm going to show you.

If you have a talented photographer, they can create a picture like this... (courtesy of Gerald Pope)

Or something like this... (who, unfortunately I can not give credit to, because I couldn't find who took it)

Another thing you could do, as I mentioned above, is the Bride and Groom send-off... Take a look (photo courtesy of Chadfranz.net)

I'll have to see if this is allowed at my venue, as I think it is stunning!! :-)

Aside from favors at each place setting, I found this creative idea on Wedding Favors...

Add those ever so popular personalized match boxes... (from American Bridal)

and I think you have a complete favor package on your hands!!!

It's fun, its sparkly, it can be DIY to whatever extent you want to make it, and it can still be personalized!  The sparklers will burn out, but with the match books, your guests still get something to take home.  And the pictures that your photographer will be able to get, will be stunning.  Just remember to have a garbage bin around to throw out the sparkler ends and not clutter your gorgeous reception site!

I'm glad I stumbled across these, and might have to find a way to incorporate them into our big day! A little something special.

Live Happily Ever After...
Your Bizzy Bride

Thursday, May 26, 2011

DIY Day - Inspiration Boards

First off, I would just like to share that one year from today is my wedding day!! :-) YAY!!!  Mind you, thanks to Leap Year next year, it is still technically 366 days away... BUT... its also technically one year from today!!! My excitement is ridiculous... and although I hope it doesn't go too fast... i hope it goes fast!! hehe

So today is a Do It Yourself day... and I want to take it in a different direction than a specific craft... I want to discuss Inspiration Boards!  I had never heard of one for weddings, but I think its a neat idea, and basically makes sense.  When you're a bride and you are trying to figure out what kind of theme or schema or even just a general feeling you want your day to have, its easy to get caught up in the details.  Sometimes you see something and love it, but weeks or months later can not remember where you saw it.  (hence, in part, the reason for this blog!  Think of it as a LARGE inspiration board!)

Now there are many ways you can do an inspiration board... I personally have about 3 forms... as I mentioned above, the blog... I also have a binder of folders separated in categories to keep everything organized... and I used the Project Wedding Inspiration Board tool.  Now, I am overly organized and OCD when it comes to planning this big day, so you might only need one thing to help you get going.

So back to inspiration boards.  I do enjoy the Project Wedding tool the most.  I was able to find A LOT of pictures on there that got me riffing, and the tool was super easy to use... but Wedding Wire has a tool, and so does The Knot.

In my opinion, the Wedding Wire tool was very good because you could see larger sizes of the thumbnail when you mouse over it, you can upload your own photos (as with Project Wedding), and you change the size of the picture when you place them in their boxes.   The Knot does not have that resize feature, so if the picture doesn't match the size of the box you fit it into, it doesn't resize and comes out looking distorted.  Its also hard to see the detail of the little thumbnails.

Here is my inspiration board that I made on Project Wedding...

One of the best parts is that you can filter by color and by category (dress, cake, invites, etc.).

What's great is, these sites make it easy to share your inspiration board, which means, if you don't feel "crafty" enough to make your own, are strapped for time, or don't want to sift through thousands of little pictures, you can do a google search and look through other's inspiration boards.  If nothing else you may see a cake or a floral arrangement that you just have to show your florist or baker.  References are always good, so you really can't go wrong.  Here are a few boards that I just plucked from Google images when I did a search on "green and purple wedding inspiration boards".

This one was in someones Flikr account...

This purple inspiration is from http://weddingwarehouse.us/

And this Green and Purple combo is from Ecopolitan Bride

I think you get the point.  The best way to DIY your wedding, is to make sure you know what you want and are able to show your vendors what you need.  Unless you know how to sew 7 bridesmaids dresses, or plan on making your own 5 tiered wedding cake, you can't Do It ALL Yourself!!!  So make sure Yourself does a good job planning!!

Know what you want, and I guarantee you will Live Happily Ever After!
Your Bizzy Bride (who gets married in A YEAR!!!!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Dress Wednesday - The One Shoulder

I love Wedding Dress Wednesday because ever since I was a little girl, I adored wedding dresses.  The problem with this is it makes it almost difficult to blog about, because I literally can find something to love about every one, and there are SO MANY dresses in this world!!  I'm putting off dress shopping because I know it is going to be the most difficult part of wedding planning for me.  I pretty much want to try them all on, and that's kind of impossible... unless they invent an even bigger store than Kleinfeld's that holds EVERY wedding dress ever designed... so yeah... its going to be interesting finding THE ONE!! :-) but I also cant wait.

Anyway... today, I want to share with you my growing love affair with the one-shoulder gown.  I don't know why I am becoming such a huge fan of this style, but there is just something fun and different about them, that I am swooning!!!  I have picked five dresses that really strike a cord with me... So lets get started.

First I will go with a dress that I assume is mucho dinero... I couldn't find a price on any site, but know the designer is top of the line... Ramona Keveza

My favorite part of this one-shoulder is how it starts on the right side and trails across over the left shoulder.  Its sleek and sexy, and the rest of the dress follows suit...  The satin waist band is fabulous and adds a little shine to really pull together the flow of the fabric and the slim lines.  LOVE!  Again... no clue how much this one costs, but my guess is a pretty penny!

Next up... Ines DiSanto... again, a popular and expensive designer, so the price tag is a mystery... but look at this dress!!!

This one-shoulder is a lot slimmer... the fabric across the chest doesn't take over, and just allows for a nice accent.  The rest of the gown flows nicely from the empire waist with layers of silk chiffon! Brilliant!

This Alfred Angelo is a steal starting under $600.  I love Alfred Angelo... his gowns are gorgeous and totally affordable.

This one-shoulder is very different in terms of the gown as a whole.  The wide one-shoulder drapes across much of the chest and pulls nicely together at the top of the shoulder with some crystal beading.  The ruching of the bodice pulls the eye down to the hip displaying the sheen of the white taffeta. Stellar!

Now onto my two favorites.  I originally didn't think I would be into Maggie Sottero, but every time I see one of her dresses in my bridal magazines, a smile spreads across my face.

Large View of the Madelyn Rose Bridal Gown

I mean really... does it get more stunning?  This is called the Madelyn Rose, and I didn't even want to try to describe its beauty on my own, so here it is, straight from the website...

"Ballgown with one-shoulder neckline and corset closure. This gown presents inventive styling with an Illusion one-shoulder accented with a romantic floral feature and lace motifs that also decorate the side hip. Layers of gathered tulle drift down the ballgown skirt for an unforgettable look and feel. "

Unforgettable in deed... and the best part is this gown retails between $600 and $1500 dollars... which works for me... I just love that sheer illusion over the one shoulder... so perfect!!! INCREDIBLE!!!

And last, but certainly not least... I plan on trying this beauty on when I eventually make my way to the big shopping day...  Another Sottero, but from the Sottero and Midgley line... It is similar to the Madelyn Rose (which to be honest, I think I will be trying on as well) but this, Starla gown has a bit more in the embellishments...

Large View of the Starla Bridal Gown

I really have no words...

" this style features tulle draped across the shoulder trimmed with handmade petals and stunning beaded embellishments. The slightly dropped waist transitions into a ruffled tulle skirt providing a soft textured look. "

PERFECTION!!!! :-) hehehe I do love it!!!

So that was my little exposé on one-shoulder gowns... that I do hope you enjoy now as much as I do.  I'm not a fan of the strapless gown, probably because I feel like a linebacker in anything strapless... on a tiny girl they look great... but this one-shoulder takes a strapless and adds just enough... I could try one on and still not like the way it cuts across or I could still feel like a football player... but I'm willing to give it a shot because it certainly is fun and flirty... which I like!!

Happily Ever After with one-shoulder!
Your Bizzy Bride

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Its Bouquet-Day, and another post of flower alternatives.  I have been excited to do this post since last week, I found it doing research on brooch bouquets, but knew it needed its own place.  I saw these and instantly thought of my friend Meghan.  I know that when she gets married, it will most likely be a beach wedding, and this would be the most perfect addition... The seashell bouquet!!!!

I first saw this one on Romantic Flowers Etsy Shop.  This is the bouquet that started my research of seashell bouquets, and what I found amazed me.

The accents in this bouquet are fun and flirty... the blue tulle throughout the bouquet to add color... the flowers made from beads to add that traditional idea of flowers.  The blue satin wrap... the shells shaped into flowers... I thought it was genius!! and soooo unique.

Over at the Creative Bridal Solutions Etsy Shop, you can even get a boutonniere for your groom...

I would have to imagine that these might get heavy on a lapel... but I could be wrong.  My favorite little touch of shell is the tiny flower at the base.  Those are the the little baby clam like shells I always find at the beach, and I just love how it shapes into this flower form.

Now you know Martha Stewart has found a way to integrate shells into her crafts... and here on her Martha Stewart Weddings website she shows how you can take a floral bouquet and add those shell accents for your beachy day... (for how to instructions, visit the link)

The little shells formed into a flower in the boutonniere had me thinking... I wonder if you can make shell arrangements that went above and beyond just holding a place here or there in your bouquet.  And what I found might be the coolest thing so far!!!

Over at Shells in Bloom, you can get your bouquet to look EXACTLY like Flowers, but be made entirely of shells.  My favorite is this Hydrangea Bouquet made from cay cay shells. A price of only $95 for such talent, is, in my opinion, a steal!

Can you believe that that is made of cay cay shells?  They look like flowers to me.

This Capiz Shell Bouquet is so delicate and gorgeous that I want one just to have one.  At $150 these practically translucent shells with tiny nassa shell "stamens" add such elegance to an arrangement, that any beach bride would die for!

And finally, this Purple Donax Bouquet... that adds a splash of color to your big day.  At $150, you can get a matching corsage/boutonniere for $24.

I'm officially sold on the Shell Bouquets.  i am not having a beach wedding, but I really hope that Meghan does so I can know someone who used these.  They are truly amazing and unique and display an extraordinary amount of talent.

I obviously have a thing for wedding details, and these seriously encompass everything that I love about finding those little gems to add something different to a wedding. They are a true find!  I cant wait for other wedding detail alternatives that I might come across this year. Though this has left me satisfied today, I am still thirsty for more!!!

I don't know about you, but I sure can live Happily Ever After knowing these little arrangements exist in the World!
Your Bizzy Bride

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Wedding Monday - Color scheme!

So I decided, before I was even officially engaged (hehe), that I wanted my wedding to be very focused on color.  Green is my favorite color, so I knew that it was going to play a HUGE part.  But then I saw this picture, and the whole schema was discovered...  This picture is courtesy of WeddingFlowers.com

I NEEDED to have purple.  But my green and purple had to be the right shades... not just any green or any purple... Kelly Green to be specific...

And THIS purple (though I wish I had a name for it... I still need to research a name for it)

When my fiance describes our color scheme he says... Think The Joker...

Though i say that the shades are off just a little!!! But I have to be honest, he is one of my favorite villains, so I am ok with it... and I think it helps Johnny appreciate it!!  When I contest the shades, he says... Ok fine, then The Hulk...

Now we're talking... and what is more powerful and bold than the Hulk??? Hello, that's what my colors are... powerful, bold... vibrant!!! I like to call it... Vibrant Irish! ;-)  Or, Iron Fist Zombie...

LOL... though this is the pattern of my reception shoes (a post I will do another time), It's not exactly the right shades either (but I do like it)... Someone suggested Barney, and that is the one that annoys me... cause he is DEFINITELY NOT the right shades, so dont even go there!!!!  Mardi Gras Colors MAYBE... but without the yellow...

Regardless... The right shades are Kelly green, and vibrant puple... and one of these days I will have a name for that purple, and there will never be any confusion again...

So this is them... my colors... my bridesmaids will wear green dresses and carry purple flowers... the groomsmen will wear black with purple vests and ties and wear green boutonnieres... (hopefully, John's in charge of that)... The favors will be purple and green... The save the dates, invites, napkins, etc, will be purple and green...  and I love it!!!

More to come in the next 369 days until the wedding... but whenever you think of this bizzy bride... think purple and green and how I plan to live, Happily Ever After!
Your Bizzy Bride

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Wishes and Wants

This weekend I have a Want... I am contemplating buying these, as I think they are utterly adorable, and something that we could use the night of the wedding (if we get to eat) and keep with us forever, and even hand down to our children someday...

Vintage Mr. and Mrs. silverware from Etsy's Beach House Living Shop!!!!

Vintage silverware Mr. and Mrs. forks  silver plated flatware   Mr and Mrs wedding cake forks First Love 1937

I just think they are perfectly vintage, and perfectly me.  I love them... and I probably will be buying them... in fact, the more I keep writing the more I definitely am going to buy them!! hehe :-)

I've been dying to buy stuff for the wedding, it just seems so far away that I shouldn't.  I plan to show you something that I did buy for it in Monday's post... so these forks will most likely be the next purchase for the Yaskovic/Coleman Wedding!!! :-)

Yup... doing it!! hahaha... thank you for helping me decide... and rest assured, these forks will be living Happily Ever After with the new Coleman's for many years!!!
Your Bizzy Bride!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Favor Friday!!

Welcome to Favor Friday where I will highlight all the most popular favor ideas for your big day.  Some are traditional, some are unique and modern, and some will even be DIY (separate from DIY Day, don't worry!). 

For me, favors have been an interesting part of the wedding planning.  Some things are perfect but just too expensive when you have a large wedding.  Some are kind of cheesy, but easy to do.  I think a bride really needs to think about what she wants from her day, and coordinate a favor to add to the theme or ambiance that they are trying to create. One also has to take into consideration that their guests may not want another trinket to collect dust, and in turn might just end up being a waste of money.  It might be smart to consider who your guests are, and what will work best.

TIP: If you have mostly couples coming to your wedding, do only one favor per couple... it will cut down on your costs, and if they are married or living together, do they really need two sets of salt and pepper shakers with your name on it?  If they are just dating, I hate to tell you this, but most likely, the guy does not care if he goes home with an ornament in honor of your day.  So be realistic with your guests.

That tip makes me think about the kind of GUEST I am... (removing myself as a bride for a minute)... I personally like candy!

Today's Friday Favor is all about candy!  Back in the day when brides wore puffy shoulders and big hair, and grooms had skinny ties and chops instead of sideburns... it was customary to give a bag or box of Jordan Almonds.  They broke your teeth, but when you were drunk at the end of the night, you would eat anything.  (and I think kids like them cause they can suck the sweetness out of them for a long time).  Jordan almonds are still somewhat popular today, especially if you have a traditional family that thinks that's the norm... You can totally buy them in bulk, and then spend a little extra in finding cute ways to package them.

These from Beau Coup are 8$ for a 14 oz bag.  They come in NUMEROUS colors... and are even done in silver and gold!

White Jordan Almonds

As candy is popular, and tends to be cheap, the "in" and trendy thing to do is to have a Candy Bar as your favors... my best friend and future Matron of Honor had a candy bar at her wedding, and everyone loved it.  We did spend 2 weeks ravaging every single Michael's store for the right box to give her guests to take their candy home in, and the candy was gone in 5 minutes when her younger cousins discovered it was self-serve... but it did add a beautiful splash of color to her reception, and was definitely an effective decision.

This is a Candy Bar from the message boards at Wedding Bee.  I love the colors and the variety, not to mention the variety of containers used.

In following with the foodie idea, trends are taking another turn to a more customizable approach.  From Decorated cookies, to mini cupcakes, and all the way to the newest sweet trend sweeping the nation, cupcake pops, brides are on a sugar high with the possibilities.

Again from Beau Coup... you can buy Personalized Mini Cupcakes

Personalized Mini Cupcakes

Or decorated bride and groom cake pops...

Mini Wedding Brownie Favor Pops

and of course... custom wedding cookies...

Bridal Shower Wedding Cake Cookies

If you are crafty, bake, or have a skilled baker in the family, the possibilities are endless with food.  Everyone loves it, so you can't go wrong there... it CAN be relatively inexpensive... and the ways you choose to distribute them can be just as fun as the treats inside them.  I think it goes back to the days when we were kids at birthday parties and you couldn't wait to be able to go home with your goody bag full of candy and little toys... Wedding favors can be like adult goody bags to make you feel like a kid again... and honestly, what's better after a night of dancing and an open bar, than going back to your room and diving into that sheer organza bag of M&M's... or that cellophane bag of cookies?? 

I know that would make me live Happily Ever After!!
Your Bizzy Bride!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I would totally consider myself to be a crafty person, and I have been trying to think of ways that I can add that love to the wedding.  There are plenty of Do It Yourself suggestions out there, and today, I wanted to share with you my most recent favorite! 

The Tissue Pomander featured on Project Wedding, which as you can see in my links, is one of my most FAVORITE wedding websites!

I love how fluffy they look... and I cant lie, the green was what originally caught my eye.  The LINK shows you step by step instructions if you are so inclined to give it a try.  I might take a stab at them myself... Here is a little teaser of the process...

The supplies include Styrofoam balls, tissue paper, and wire.  I love that they are made from tissue paper, too.  I have always loved the sound it makes when ruffled, like you are getting presents!!!

The site says they end up costing roughly $2 to $5 dollars to make, which is awesome considering that pomanders made of fresh flowers can run you roughly $20 to $60 depending on the flower choice.

I love how versatile the pomander is, as well... Your adorable flower girls can carry them down the aisle, instead of throwing petals... Or you can drape them over anything that will stand still.  In this picture, courtesy of Australia Entertains, you can see them as centerpieces, hanging overhead or dangling from chairs along the aisle.

I really just love the look as a whole.  I think it adds a cheerful, playful look to even the most elegant wedding, without taking away from the glamour.  The fact that it can be done in any color, any flower, almost any material... Just look at this paper pomander from Fancy Pants Weddings!

I think you get the point!! I love the pomander... there are sooooo many ways that you can make them yourselves, and cheaply as well (which you know I love)... and so many ways that you can integrate them into your big day. 

Look for more fun DIY crafts every Thursday, and you too can live Happily Ever After!! ;-)

Your Bizzy Bride!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Dress Wednesday!!!

EDIT:  Even her website is awesome... check it out... here!

So I have decided that Wednesday's will be Wedding Dress Wednesday, where I will showcase my favorite wedding dresses... not necessarily ones that I will pick to wear... but ones that I just LOVE and some that I wish I could wear!! ;-)

Since this is my first Wedding Dress Wednesday post, lets go all out and make it Vera Wang Wednesday!! :-)  I do love some Vera!! The woman is a phenomenal designer and I love the fact that she decided to start designing wedding gowns because, for her own wedding, she couldn't find something that was different and unique... so she made it! 

I can't contain my excitement any longer, so lets get to my first Vera pick (pic ;-) hehe)... You may recognize this gown from the Sex and the City Movie when Sarah Jessica Parker was invited to do the Vogue Wedding shoot.  I LOVE this dress... I'm not even a fan of strapless gowns for myself, but the skirt on this gown is just breathtaking!!!

I love a full skirt... I even like the long veil in this pic and the gloves... which normally I don't really get into... but as a whole this all just flows beautifully... as much fabric as there is, I feel like it looks very light! but I could be wrong.  Not a big SJP fan, but even she looks stunning in this gown!!!

My next favorite is from, yes, you guessed it, Bride Wars... You do not alter a Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera!!!!  I do love this dress!!!

Again with the extra puffy skirt just swimming in organza... ugh, its my dream... Another long veil (though i wish it say at the back of her head and not the top) The sash around the waste and the plunging V from the bodice to the skirt... A-MAZING!!!!  Another strapless, but Kate Hudson has the arms to rock it! I think I want to live in this dress... all that puffy fun at the bottom... talk about feeling like a princess!!!  I think this dress is what made me want a Vera!!!

Speaking of wanting a Vera... The next two dresses could very well be in my grasp as they are part of Vera's new "White" line with David's Bridal.  Which means... AFFORDABLE!!!! :-)  Whats better than a Vera?? An AFFORDABLE Vera!!! ;-)

This first one just gets me, and will be tried on by yours truly in the next few months... I have an obsession with lace, and this one fits the bill...

Every time I see it, I want it... The sleeves of the lace are just the right length in my opinion, and the coolest part is that it is a separate, so you can remove it for the reception if you feel like it!!  It takes a strapless dress and gives it options!!!  It comes in Ivory and offers the optional black horsehair sash... which I think just adds to the dresses character!! It retails at $1300, and for a Vera this fabulous, I'll take it!!! ;-) Maybe!!! hehe...

This is another Vera White from DB. 

That skirt just gets me... the layers upon layers of organza flanges and tulle swirls just get me all twitter!!! It has a cathedral train (FABULOUS)... and is shown above with the optional crystal sash, which I think totally pulls it all together... Its a v-neck tank bodice, which I love, and is yet again, another Vera that I will be trying on... Retailing at $1400, again, a steal for such a beautiful Vera!!!

Her White line with Davids Bridal also gowns as low as $600.... which is spectacular... and they too are beautiful... but really, does the woman make anything not beautiful??? Even the gowns of hers that I don't like, still exude beauty!!!

So yes, I am a Vera fan, and part of me wants to get a Vera gown just so that I can say I wore Vera on my wedding day... but I do have other options I want to try as well... (stick with the blog and you will see!!!)

Vera, if you ever see this, by some strange reason, I do love your work... keep it up, cause the world needs lots and lots of VERA!!!!!

We will all live Happily Ever After with a little Vera in our lives!!!
Your Bizzy Bride!!! ;-)