Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Dress Wednesday - The One Shoulder

I love Wedding Dress Wednesday because ever since I was a little girl, I adored wedding dresses.  The problem with this is it makes it almost difficult to blog about, because I literally can find something to love about every one, and there are SO MANY dresses in this world!!  I'm putting off dress shopping because I know it is going to be the most difficult part of wedding planning for me.  I pretty much want to try them all on, and that's kind of impossible... unless they invent an even bigger store than Kleinfeld's that holds EVERY wedding dress ever designed... so yeah... its going to be interesting finding THE ONE!! :-) but I also cant wait.

Anyway... today, I want to share with you my growing love affair with the one-shoulder gown.  I don't know why I am becoming such a huge fan of this style, but there is just something fun and different about them, that I am swooning!!!  I have picked five dresses that really strike a cord with me... So lets get started.

First I will go with a dress that I assume is mucho dinero... I couldn't find a price on any site, but know the designer is top of the line... Ramona Keveza

My favorite part of this one-shoulder is how it starts on the right side and trails across over the left shoulder.  Its sleek and sexy, and the rest of the dress follows suit...  The satin waist band is fabulous and adds a little shine to really pull together the flow of the fabric and the slim lines.  LOVE!  Again... no clue how much this one costs, but my guess is a pretty penny!

Next up... Ines DiSanto... again, a popular and expensive designer, so the price tag is a mystery... but look at this dress!!!

This one-shoulder is a lot slimmer... the fabric across the chest doesn't take over, and just allows for a nice accent.  The rest of the gown flows nicely from the empire waist with layers of silk chiffon! Brilliant!

This Alfred Angelo is a steal starting under $600.  I love Alfred Angelo... his gowns are gorgeous and totally affordable.

This one-shoulder is very different in terms of the gown as a whole.  The wide one-shoulder drapes across much of the chest and pulls nicely together at the top of the shoulder with some crystal beading.  The ruching of the bodice pulls the eye down to the hip displaying the sheen of the white taffeta. Stellar!

Now onto my two favorites.  I originally didn't think I would be into Maggie Sottero, but every time I see one of her dresses in my bridal magazines, a smile spreads across my face.

Large View of the Madelyn Rose Bridal Gown

I mean really... does it get more stunning?  This is called the Madelyn Rose, and I didn't even want to try to describe its beauty on my own, so here it is, straight from the website...

"Ballgown with one-shoulder neckline and corset closure. This gown presents inventive styling with an Illusion one-shoulder accented with a romantic floral feature and lace motifs that also decorate the side hip. Layers of gathered tulle drift down the ballgown skirt for an unforgettable look and feel. "

Unforgettable in deed... and the best part is this gown retails between $600 and $1500 dollars... which works for me... I just love that sheer illusion over the one shoulder... so perfect!!! INCREDIBLE!!!

And last, but certainly not least... I plan on trying this beauty on when I eventually make my way to the big shopping day...  Another Sottero, but from the Sottero and Midgley line... It is similar to the Madelyn Rose (which to be honest, I think I will be trying on as well) but this, Starla gown has a bit more in the embellishments...

Large View of the Starla Bridal Gown

I really have no words...

" this style features tulle draped across the shoulder trimmed with handmade petals and stunning beaded embellishments. The slightly dropped waist transitions into a ruffled tulle skirt providing a soft textured look. "

PERFECTION!!!! :-) hehehe I do love it!!!

So that was my little expos√© on one-shoulder gowns... that I do hope you enjoy now as much as I do.  I'm not a fan of the strapless gown, probably because I feel like a linebacker in anything strapless... on a tiny girl they look great... but this one-shoulder takes a strapless and adds just enough... I could try one on and still not like the way it cuts across or I could still feel like a football player... but I'm willing to give it a shot because it certainly is fun and flirty... which I like!!

Happily Ever After with one-shoulder!
Your Bizzy Bride

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