Monday, May 30, 2011

Wishful Weekend

Well... its a long weekend, so although I am a little late, I think it still counts!!!  Monday's are usually MY Wedding Monday... but i'm going to combine a little... Last weekend was a "want", and it is something that I am definitely going to get... this weekend is a wish, because although, its totally doable, its really just not going to work for our wedding... SO with MY wedding Monday in mind, I bring you a Wishful weekend!

The ever growing popular Photo Booth!!

My brother, who just so happens to be my photographer, not to mention, one of the best wedding photographers out there, said he could do it... but I want him to be able to enjoy the evening too... I dont want him tethered to a photo booth.  He would be taking each shot, not a machine... but like i said too much work, and I want him out on the dance floor too!

I found this rental company, The Photo Booth Shop, but I have no idea how much they cost based on their website... all I know is that they require a $450 retainer... sooooo, they are probably pretty expensive!

I also found Party which actually seems to be popular in my area for only $1095 for 4 hours... which is kind of a lot... but they send someone to set it up, monitor, and take it down... and you get two copies (one for the guest, and one for the couple) and a guestbook for the guests to put it in.  

This is why I wish I could have a photo booth.  For the Guest book alone... I think it is the cutest idea.  A friend of mine did that at her wedding, and her photo booth guest book is her favorite thing... even more than her regular fancy album.  Your guest can be funny in the booth, they can bring props, and then you get the picture as their favor and you get to see them enjoying your big day... just look....

I just think it serves plenty of purposes to be worth the money, but it doesn't seem like it will make sense for our big day... Thinking of the layout of our ballroom and the venue as a whole, I am not sure where exactly there would be room for a photo booth.  So a wish it will remain... maybe for our 25th wedding anniversary we could have one!

If you have the money and the room, and aren't sure what you want to do about a guest book, then I suggest the photo booth, and fully endorse it. 

Its a long weekend, and I love it... Happy Memorial Day, and thank you to all the vets out there!  Without all of you, we couldn't Live Happily Ever After!!
Your Bizzy Bride!

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  1. Visit. Photo Booth start at $699 and includes Green screen photos as well!