Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brooch Bouquets

In searching for floral bouquets, I came across, in my opinion, the most beautiful alternatives to natural flowers.  I unfortunately do not think I could possibly afford these fancy and elegant alternatives, but I am seriously thinking about keeping my eye out for brooches and chunky flower accessories and attempting to make my own.

This first one I would like to share combines real flowers and the brooch flowers, and I think makes the perfect combination.  The brooches become quite subtle among the blossoms, but make the bouquet fabulously unique when really looked at. 

This bouquet is courtesy of Flourish Designs

The flower choices and colors just make it so beautiful... I do love it!

This next one I also find extremely special as it mixes brooches with buttons.  I was going to do a mix of colors for my bouquet, but seeing this almost makes me want to change to all white... though I think all white flowers might lack the luster of this beauty...

Courtesy of Blue Petyl Etsy Shop

I just love the silver across the white satin and the frostiness of the buttons.  It is definitely a fav!!

This next one is all silver and white as well.  My favorite part being the "I Do" accent on the handle.  Its very classic and the iridescent stones in that large flower up front just takes my breath away.  It would really add some sparkle for the big day.  I would go so far as to say that a bride wouldn't even need jewelry carrying this bouquet.

Courtesy of Letters 4 Lilly Etsy Shop

The final bouquet that I want to showcase for you today adds a bunch of color, which I do love... Colors are going to play a HUGE part in my wedding... I think there is something just so vibrant and fabulous about rich, bright colors across that white wedding backdrop!  So this bouquet is called Summer Green and has some seriously gorgeous flower brooches on it. The butterfly accent makes me happy too.  After the jump to the bouquets web page, pay close attention to the little ladybug accent on the one brooch.  There is so much going on with this bouquet, it might need to be one of those splurges I don't tell the dear fiance about! ;-)

Brought to you by the famous and fabulous Lionsgate Designs

Love the colors... love the shapes... just love it overall!
Well, those are my top Brooch Bouquets.  I think if you are bride that can afford such a thing, it would add something very unique and special to your day.  I'm still thinking about how I might be able to do this for my day.  Flowers can be expensive, so I think look for alternatives is smart.  I have seen button bouquets, felt and silk flower bouquets... even origami bouquets... I say if it looks cool and screams your style, then go for it!!  I'll have to research some other alternatives for a future post.  Hope you enjoyed the brooch bouquet expose!!

Happily Ever After, your Bizzy Bride!!! ;-)

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