Friday, May 20, 2011

Favor Friday!!

Welcome to Favor Friday where I will highlight all the most popular favor ideas for your big day.  Some are traditional, some are unique and modern, and some will even be DIY (separate from DIY Day, don't worry!). 

For me, favors have been an interesting part of the wedding planning.  Some things are perfect but just too expensive when you have a large wedding.  Some are kind of cheesy, but easy to do.  I think a bride really needs to think about what she wants from her day, and coordinate a favor to add to the theme or ambiance that they are trying to create. One also has to take into consideration that their guests may not want another trinket to collect dust, and in turn might just end up being a waste of money.  It might be smart to consider who your guests are, and what will work best.

TIP: If you have mostly couples coming to your wedding, do only one favor per couple... it will cut down on your costs, and if they are married or living together, do they really need two sets of salt and pepper shakers with your name on it?  If they are just dating, I hate to tell you this, but most likely, the guy does not care if he goes home with an ornament in honor of your day.  So be realistic with your guests.

That tip makes me think about the kind of GUEST I am... (removing myself as a bride for a minute)... I personally like candy!

Today's Friday Favor is all about candy!  Back in the day when brides wore puffy shoulders and big hair, and grooms had skinny ties and chops instead of sideburns... it was customary to give a bag or box of Jordan Almonds.  They broke your teeth, but when you were drunk at the end of the night, you would eat anything.  (and I think kids like them cause they can suck the sweetness out of them for a long time).  Jordan almonds are still somewhat popular today, especially if you have a traditional family that thinks that's the norm... You can totally buy them in bulk, and then spend a little extra in finding cute ways to package them.

These from Beau Coup are 8$ for a 14 oz bag.  They come in NUMEROUS colors... and are even done in silver and gold!

White Jordan Almonds

As candy is popular, and tends to be cheap, the "in" and trendy thing to do is to have a Candy Bar as your favors... my best friend and future Matron of Honor had a candy bar at her wedding, and everyone loved it.  We did spend 2 weeks ravaging every single Michael's store for the right box to give her guests to take their candy home in, and the candy was gone in 5 minutes when her younger cousins discovered it was self-serve... but it did add a beautiful splash of color to her reception, and was definitely an effective decision.

This is a Candy Bar from the message boards at Wedding Bee.  I love the colors and the variety, not to mention the variety of containers used.

In following with the foodie idea, trends are taking another turn to a more customizable approach.  From Decorated cookies, to mini cupcakes, and all the way to the newest sweet trend sweeping the nation, cupcake pops, brides are on a sugar high with the possibilities.

Again from Beau Coup... you can buy Personalized Mini Cupcakes

Personalized Mini Cupcakes

Or decorated bride and groom cake pops...

Mini Wedding Brownie Favor Pops

and of course... custom wedding cookies...

Bridal Shower Wedding Cake Cookies

If you are crafty, bake, or have a skilled baker in the family, the possibilities are endless with food.  Everyone loves it, so you can't go wrong there... it CAN be relatively inexpensive... and the ways you choose to distribute them can be just as fun as the treats inside them.  I think it goes back to the days when we were kids at birthday parties and you couldn't wait to be able to go home with your goody bag full of candy and little toys... Wedding favors can be like adult goody bags to make you feel like a kid again... and honestly, what's better after a night of dancing and an open bar, than going back to your room and diving into that sheer organza bag of M&M's... or that cellophane bag of cookies?? 

I know that would make me live Happily Ever After!!
Your Bizzy Bride!

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