Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Dress Wednesday!!!

EDIT:  Even her website is awesome... check it out... here!

So I have decided that Wednesday's will be Wedding Dress Wednesday, where I will showcase my favorite wedding dresses... not necessarily ones that I will pick to wear... but ones that I just LOVE and some that I wish I could wear!! ;-)

Since this is my first Wedding Dress Wednesday post, lets go all out and make it Vera Wang Wednesday!! :-)  I do love some Vera!! The woman is a phenomenal designer and I love the fact that she decided to start designing wedding gowns because, for her own wedding, she couldn't find something that was different and unique... so she made it! 

I can't contain my excitement any longer, so lets get to my first Vera pick (pic ;-) hehe)... You may recognize this gown from the Sex and the City Movie when Sarah Jessica Parker was invited to do the Vogue Wedding shoot.  I LOVE this dress... I'm not even a fan of strapless gowns for myself, but the skirt on this gown is just breathtaking!!!

I love a full skirt... I even like the long veil in this pic and the gloves... which normally I don't really get into... but as a whole this all just flows beautifully... as much fabric as there is, I feel like it looks very light! but I could be wrong.  Not a big SJP fan, but even she looks stunning in this gown!!!

My next favorite is from, yes, you guessed it, Bride Wars... You do not alter a Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera!!!!  I do love this dress!!!

Again with the extra puffy skirt just swimming in organza... ugh, its my dream... Another long veil (though i wish it say at the back of her head and not the top) The sash around the waste and the plunging V from the bodice to the skirt... A-MAZING!!!!  Another strapless, but Kate Hudson has the arms to rock it! I think I want to live in this dress... all that puffy fun at the bottom... talk about feeling like a princess!!!  I think this dress is what made me want a Vera!!!

Speaking of wanting a Vera... The next two dresses could very well be in my grasp as they are part of Vera's new "White" line with David's Bridal.  Which means... AFFORDABLE!!!! :-)  Whats better than a Vera?? An AFFORDABLE Vera!!! ;-)

This first one just gets me, and will be tried on by yours truly in the next few months... I have an obsession with lace, and this one fits the bill...

Every time I see it, I want it... The sleeves of the lace are just the right length in my opinion, and the coolest part is that it is a separate, so you can remove it for the reception if you feel like it!!  It takes a strapless dress and gives it options!!!  It comes in Ivory and offers the optional black horsehair sash... which I think just adds to the dresses character!! It retails at $1300, and for a Vera this fabulous, I'll take it!!! ;-) Maybe!!! hehe...

This is another Vera White from DB. 

That skirt just gets me... the layers upon layers of organza flanges and tulle swirls just get me all twitter!!! It has a cathedral train (FABULOUS)... and is shown above with the optional crystal sash, which I think totally pulls it all together... Its a v-neck tank bodice, which I love, and is yet again, another Vera that I will be trying on... Retailing at $1400, again, a steal for such a beautiful Vera!!!

Her White line with Davids Bridal also gowns as low as $600.... which is spectacular... and they too are beautiful... but really, does the woman make anything not beautiful??? Even the gowns of hers that I don't like, still exude beauty!!!

So yes, I am a Vera fan, and part of me wants to get a Vera gown just so that I can say I wore Vera on my wedding day... but I do have other options I want to try as well... (stick with the blog and you will see!!!)

Vera, if you ever see this, by some strange reason, I do love your work... keep it up, cause the world needs lots and lots of VERA!!!!!

We will all live Happily Ever After with a little Vera in our lives!!!
Your Bizzy Bride!!! ;-)

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