Friday, May 27, 2011

Favor Friday - With a Sparkle!

So I was looking around this morning for the perfect favor to highlight in today's post, and then I saw it... and the more I looked, the more I found... and the more I found, the more ideas I came up with... and today's Friday Favor post was "born"... Let's just jump right in...

The Wedding Sparkler... I found these on My favorite one, the "Have a Heart" Wedding Sparkler package. There are 6 sparklers per box, and require a minimum purchase of 12 boxes.  The cost being 8$ per box... they create a nice send off for the bride and groom.

These Gold Wedding Sparklers from Hanson Ellis are 18 inches long, and can be personalized.  For $1.19 per pair, you can add a colored ribbon, and for an additional 50 cents per, you can add a personalized tag.

These shimmering wedding sparklers are called "A Sparkle of Love" from are $1.75 for a sleeve of 6 sparklers.  They have a minimum of 18 sleeves ordered, and they come in 9.5 and 17 inch lengths.

Now... what can a bride and groom and/or their guests do with these sparklers?? I'm going to show you.

If you have a talented photographer, they can create a picture like this... (courtesy of Gerald Pope)

Or something like this... (who, unfortunately I can not give credit to, because I couldn't find who took it)

Another thing you could do, as I mentioned above, is the Bride and Groom send-off... Take a look (photo courtesy of

I'll have to see if this is allowed at my venue, as I think it is stunning!! :-)

Aside from favors at each place setting, I found this creative idea on Wedding Favors...

Add those ever so popular personalized match boxes... (from American Bridal)

and I think you have a complete favor package on your hands!!!

It's fun, its sparkly, it can be DIY to whatever extent you want to make it, and it can still be personalized!  The sparklers will burn out, but with the match books, your guests still get something to take home.  And the pictures that your photographer will be able to get, will be stunning.  Just remember to have a garbage bin around to throw out the sparkler ends and not clutter your gorgeous reception site!

I'm glad I stumbled across these, and might have to find a way to incorporate them into our big day! A little something special.

Live Happily Ever After...
Your Bizzy Bride

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