Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Its Bouquet-Day, and another post of flower alternatives.  I have been excited to do this post since last week, I found it doing research on brooch bouquets, but knew it needed its own place.  I saw these and instantly thought of my friend Meghan.  I know that when she gets married, it will most likely be a beach wedding, and this would be the most perfect addition... The seashell bouquet!!!!

I first saw this one on Romantic Flowers Etsy Shop.  This is the bouquet that started my research of seashell bouquets, and what I found amazed me.

The accents in this bouquet are fun and flirty... the blue tulle throughout the bouquet to add color... the flowers made from beads to add that traditional idea of flowers.  The blue satin wrap... the shells shaped into flowers... I thought it was genius!! and soooo unique.

Over at the Creative Bridal Solutions Etsy Shop, you can even get a boutonniere for your groom...

I would have to imagine that these might get heavy on a lapel... but I could be wrong.  My favorite little touch of shell is the tiny flower at the base.  Those are the the little baby clam like shells I always find at the beach, and I just love how it shapes into this flower form.

Now you know Martha Stewart has found a way to integrate shells into her crafts... and here on her Martha Stewart Weddings website she shows how you can take a floral bouquet and add those shell accents for your beachy day... (for how to instructions, visit the link)

The little shells formed into a flower in the boutonniere had me thinking... I wonder if you can make shell arrangements that went above and beyond just holding a place here or there in your bouquet.  And what I found might be the coolest thing so far!!!

Over at Shells in Bloom, you can get your bouquet to look EXACTLY like Flowers, but be made entirely of shells.  My favorite is this Hydrangea Bouquet made from cay cay shells. A price of only $95 for such talent, is, in my opinion, a steal!

Can you believe that that is made of cay cay shells?  They look like flowers to me.

This Capiz Shell Bouquet is so delicate and gorgeous that I want one just to have one.  At $150 these practically translucent shells with tiny nassa shell "stamens" add such elegance to an arrangement, that any beach bride would die for!

And finally, this Purple Donax Bouquet... that adds a splash of color to your big day.  At $150, you can get a matching corsage/boutonniere for $24.

I'm officially sold on the Shell Bouquets.  i am not having a beach wedding, but I really hope that Meghan does so I can know someone who used these.  They are truly amazing and unique and display an extraordinary amount of talent.

I obviously have a thing for wedding details, and these seriously encompass everything that I love about finding those little gems to add something different to a wedding. They are a true find!  I cant wait for other wedding detail alternatives that I might come across this year. Though this has left me satisfied today, I am still thirsty for more!!!

I don't know about you, but I sure can live Happily Ever After knowing these little arrangements exist in the World!
Your Bizzy Bride

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