Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bouquet Day - The Boutonniere Alternative

I've been showing you many alternatives to the bridal bouquet, so I thought that today I might highlight the boutonniere alternative... I found all these funky ideas on m favorite site, Etsy.com.

Lets start with the Peacock feather... This is from the Rationale Etsy Shop.

It's simple, its elegant, its certainly colorful, and I like it... the little pearl stick is a nice touch, and its multi-functional as it serves as the pin for the lapel!! At $12.75 its a steal!

Remember when I showed you the awesome shell bouquets for that beach wedding my friend Meg will have ;-)... well here is what she can do for her groom, with this starfish boutonniere from the Frittsrosenow Etsy Shop...

perfect for the beach theme... and you can get the ribbon in various colors to match your day, all for $35.

The next two are also from the Frittsrosenow Etsy Shop... the first is crazy different, and could perhaps go for that foodie fiance who is perhaps a chef?!?!

Again, you can choose the color ribbon that you fancy... a knife, fork and spoon... haha, its perfect!  Fear not, they are miniature, so they wont be weighing your man down, and it wont weigh down your wallet at $40 either!

This next one is a definite favorite, being pretty addicted to scrabble, myself... part of me wants to put scrabble tiles all over my wedding... even my man!!! hahaha

And... you guessed it... the ribbon is customizable... and get this... so are the tiles... you can do the LOVE as seen above, or you can personalize with your initials (as seen below)... you can choose up to 5 tiles...

And these fun scrabble themed boutonnieres are only $35.

And finally... a totally different alternative... a pin... from the Creativebyheart Etsy Shop...

You can choose from 12 different color ribbons... and the bead in the middle can be changed as well to be pearl, glass, ivory or white.... and at only $12, how can you say no??  Though to be honest, if you want it even more customizable, you could probably figure out how to make your own!!  Sometimes you can take on too much DIY stuff... so if you can do 12 bucks... just go with it!!!

So there you have it... Etsy finds in the boutonniere alternatives arena!!  I think they are fun... my traditional fiance probably wouldn't be down for any of it, but hey... its fun to see!! and hopefully i have supplied you with some food for thought!!

It is my goal, after all... for all of us to live Happily Ever After
Your Bizzy Bride!


  1. I do love the starfish... naturally. And that "I do" button is stellar!