Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekend Wants! - Etsy Finds!

First of all, my apologies for no Friday Favors post, I had a very late and eventful evening Thursday, and yesterday just turned into a busy mess... so I did not get a chance to post... but I will return to Favors next week. 

Right now, however, it is the weekend and therefore need to discuss a "want" of mine... Unfortunately the dear fiance does not share the same want, and... since its his day too, I will concede on this.  I'm finding out that he is far more traditional than I thought he was!!

Cake Toppers... I found these cute little wooden people on Etsy that I think are simply adorable. And, they come in all different character and can be totally customizable depending which Etsy store you go with.

These two sets are from the  CreativeButterflyXOX Etsy shop.

This Superhero Bride and groom show a little Batman hiding under that groom's tux... I know I think I am marrying a superhero... so its an excellent idea in my book!  These are sold for $24.95

Another adorable superhero, Superman!!!  These little wooden people run for $39.99.

I like the bride's veil too... super cute.  and if you are a brunette, you can get them customized to match you!  She has numerous kinds of wooden people to choose from, all with varying prices.  A fun look! (i think!)

These are from the Peanutbutterbandit Etsy shop.  She does so many different kinds of dolls... Whole families, various races, everyday decor dolls for your holidays... including this Zombie couple (which was one of the top two ideas I had that got shot down! haha)

They look great, and she even says, if you aren't getting married, they would make a nice Halloween decoration!  These are listed for $45.

Do you feel like a Princess???  Do you envision the fairy tale wedding?  How about Cinderella and Prince Charming? (again $45.)

I really do love her work... and this following pair is what turned me on to these little dolls... I thought for sure my groom was going to go for it, but he laughed and said, No!!

We are both big Star Wars fans, so I thought that he would totally go for it.  Princess Leia and Han Solo are the ultimate couple in my book... she hated that scruffy lookin Nerf-Herder at first, but once he dropped that tough exterior, she found the heart of the man, and couple help but fall!  Ahh... they make me happy... and are only $45 too, so I might just have to buy them for the heck of it... who knows, maybe I can squeeze out a groom's cake with these two!!!  In the shape of the Millennium Falcon!!! hehe ;-)

OK... so, anyway... these are the cake toppers that I want, but will not have... we will go traditional... maybe a Celtic heart of pewter, or just a cluster of flowers... pushing for some butterflies too... we shall see!

Regardless of what Cake topper we decide, I'm sure it will be beautiful, but I like finding these fun little unique things to really personalize your day.  That's why I blog for you... so you can enjoy them too!!

That way, we can all live Happily Ever After! :-)
Your Bizzy Bride!

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  1. So cute! And i've still never seen Star Wars.