Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Dress Wednesday - Not So Much!

I thought today I would highlight a designer whose style I do not particularly understand... and generally don't like... To each his own... this is purely my opinion... FOR ME... I am not a big fan of Monique Lhuillier.  I know she is a major name in the bridal gown world, but she's just not my style!!  Yes Reese Witherspoon just wore a custom Lhuillier, and I like the soft pink, but then you saw the dress from the front, and it was the dreaded CORSET!!!!  I'm sorry, but I do not like this look.  Not for a wedding... Half of the corset style dresses look like the designer forgot to complete the dress. Almost like there is more fabric that should be there, but that is missing... and it almost looks embarrassing... like "oh my god, she's missing half her dress... that poor girl"

Exhibit A:

There is PLENTY of fabric with this dress... even the "modest" lace bodice... but then suddenly you look closer, and its a corset top... do you want to go modest or not?? make up your mind Ms. Lhuillier! Why show the boning?? I just don't get it...

Exhibit B:

Again... modest sleeve... but a fit and flare silhouette and the boning corset bodice... which, not for nothing, totally minimizes the bust and therefore looks ill-fitted!  Just put some silk or chiffon over that boning and make it a complete dress.

These two are from her bridal line... there are MANY other scary gowns, like this one

I mean really, who would even wear that??

But then I came across her Bliss line... and here I was able to find gowns with a completed bodice, and beautiful silhouettes...

I love this... the straps are gorgeous, the skirt is pristine, the bodice is elegant... and its just nice!!!

This one, although a strapless, is beautiful!! The skirt is amazing, the embellishments classic... its a pretty gown.

So all in all, this makes me even more confused... I've seen she can make pretty gowns, but what is her obsession with the corset bodice... I would 85% of her gowns have the corset bodice... and for some reason brides think its a good look... maybe if you are getting married in a club... but to me, maybe I am more traditional than I thought, but to me... its not a good look!!

Like it or not, that is my opinion... if you know anything about bridal gowns, you could probably guess that I am not a fan of Pnina Tornai either... but we can tackle that another day!!!

I just see these gowns, and I'm confused and felt the need to share... I hope no takes offense... if its a look you like, then go you... but I would prefer to hide that boning from guests!!! If I wanted them to see me in my lingerie, I wouldn't spend the money on a gown!!!

Happily Ever After (in a more traditional gown)
Your Bizzy Bride!

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