Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bouquet Day - HELP!!!

I am having a hard time with flower options... I want something different, but there is also a part of me that wants traditional... so I need your help.  I am going to show you a few options, and I want to know what you think, HONESTLY, what looks better!!! I know the wedding is a year away, but still... it doesn't hurt to plan!  All I know is I DON'T want your standard rose bouquets... and IF POSSIBLE... I don't want to spend a fortune either (but knowing my tastes, I will)...

With my Purple and Green theme... I want my bridesmaids to wear green dresses and carry purple flowers... My bouquet will be a mix of purple and green... the groomsmen will most likely wear purple and have green boutonnieres (unless the Fiance really vetoes the purple!!)

My first thought was Purple Lisianthus for the girls... something like this from W-weddingflowers.com

Obviously smaller for the bridesmaids... but that flower for sure...

Or... a single full bodied blossom like this Purple Hydrangea that I found on Project Wedding

For me... I know I keep saying that I want to have both colors in my bouquet, but maybe I should go for something more simple, and elegant...

This full bouquet of Gypsophila, or more commonly known as, Baby's Breath, looks classic and somewhat gives a vintage vibe to me... though I wonder if the white would clash against my Ivory dress (I plan on ivory due to my pale complexion)...

Then I saw this composite bouquet on Wedding House.  A composite bouquet is "a creative form of floral decoration in which a number of different buds and petals are joined together on a single stem to give an elusive impression of a very large single flower".  Though this one appears to be a VERY large rose... it's more unique than just plain roses...

In the next photo from LIWeddings , a bunch of calla lilies were grouped together to form a large flower, for an illusion of a single blossom bouquet...

I do like how simple, yet elegant, this bouquet is.... and it is again, unique but classic.

So here is part of my dilemma... over the past couple weeks of looking at flower alternatives, I have found a non-flower idea that has really sparked my interest... aside from the brooches (which I think might be too heavy), I found these paper flowers on Posh Studios Etsy Shop.

Yes, they are paper... and I already found a site that taught me how to make them myself... I envisioned take a trip to the Hobby Lobby, and finding some really nice thick card stock in the EXACT colors that I want, and making our bouquets myself, and with the help of family and friends... Once you get going, they move along fairly quickly... and I only need 4 bouquets, and 4 boutonnieres... I will get our parents real flowers for their corsages and boutonnieres... I like these because I know that my girls and myself can keep our bouquets forever, and I think it adds a really nice modern, unique look to the ceremony.

Our venue will be adorned with an abundance of flowers all over the grounds and reception room, so I only have to worry about our flowers...  The dear Fiance likes them, but is concerned that I will later regret not having real flowers... the future MIL didn't seem to care for them, but enjoys the idea of being crafty... What do you all think?

I do love real flowers, but I love something different as well... I know I should wait to decide as more details come from the planning, but in a way, a wedding can revolve around flower selection... I think I care less about the flowers because we're not furnishing the entire wedding.  Le Chambord takes care of the centerpieces and decor... so really its just this...

I need your help if I want to Live Happily Ever After with my flowers!!!
Your Bizzy Bride!


  1. Oh Jeannie :) I think you should go with the real flowers, for the lively aspect of it! Check and see what's in season though, because that will depend on what you can get from the florist at the time and how much it will cost. Love the babys breath, so pretty, and that should be super inexpensive too!

  2. I am with Alicia, I love the babys breath, tied with thin green and purple ribbons would be so vintage and so pretty. You can still make the paper flowers and scatter them on your tables at the reception if you wanted to!

  3. I'm partial to the purple lisianthus. And while I do love hydrangea, they're a delicate flower that rarely holds very long in warm weather and a bouquet made entirely of hydrangea makes me nervous.

    That said, I really kind of adore the paper flowers, not to go against the crowd. So fresh (as ironic as that might be). Putting them on the tables is also a great idea (if you don't use them for bouquets). Can I help make them? Cause it looks super fun!

    Finally, baby's breath will likely be your cheapest option. Can't beat that.

    Side note: I usually try to avoid commenting on anyone's wedding (or baby name) choices, but when you ask... how can I resist!?! Just know, I cringe before I do it.