Thursday, June 23, 2011

DIY Day - Guest Books...

Martha Stewart Weddings has an entire DIY section, so today I was looking through DIY Guest Books. Which I find fascinating... I want something different for our Guest Book... traditional is nice, but boring.  A simple guest book looks just like my guest list, only in a different order!  I want something that is more fun for my guests to fill out, and more enjoyable for me and my husband to read after!  So here are a few that I really enjoyed from the website.

Here is a Guest Book Quilt.

Now with this you can either have people take their patch and write what they wish, and then have them put it in a box or basket, and the quilt can be sewn together later on.  Or... you could have the quilt already made, and laid out, and your guest can write their wishes wherever they find space.  I personally like the idea of giving each person/couple their own square, and putting it together later!

This is a book set with questions...

Each table would get a small notepad with a question placed on the cover.  Each table would then fill in the book with their answers.  After the wedding, all the books can be placed together to appear to be volumes on your bookshelves.

And this is a File Card guestbook...

I especially enjoy this one.  It could become your guest book, but also your address book... Each guest/couple can fill out their contact information on one side to serve as your address book, and they can fill out their well wishes on the other side for your guest book.  Kept in its own file box, the cards can be alphabetized for easy access and viewing!

Like I said, I like different ideas...  Still looking for the one that is definitely right for me.  In a previous post I highlighted the Photo Booth and how that can be used as a guest book.  I know I will find the option that will best suit us, and you can bet that it will be different!

Happily Ever After,
Your Bizzy Bride


  1. I LOVE the quilt idea - I think I went to a baby shower that did that! Your best bet would be to patch it together afterwards, so the thing wouldn't get pulled, stained, or ruined.

  2. I took a vintage photo album and put a picture of my fiance and I on each page along with squares or rectangles of cardstock (wedding colors) for each quest to write a well wish on! It is very neat and I think, unique.