Thursday, June 9, 2011

DIY Day - Save the Dates!

I have been chomping at the bit to make our Save the Dates for the wedding, especially when I found the BEST site for Save the Date magnets.  Magnet Street Weddings has an enormous amount of options, and each one is fully customizable, right down to the text and the colors!  As we know, I love customizing!! Especially with my colors.  They even offer "free" personalized samples, meaning you can put all your colors, text and photos, and they will make one for you and send it out.  They do charge you $6.99 for this, BUT, when you place your order, that price is taken off.

The reason I included this as a DIY post, is because with the amount of customizing and personalizing that can be done with these, its like doing it yourself... which I love... though, I have to admit... when it came down to choosing which one to get, I had 6 that I just couldn't decide between... options are good, but if you are like me, be careful... it could cause decision making to be difficult.

With that said... I presented my top 6 designs to my dear fiance and asked him to choose, he was then able to get it down to 2 and then we just went with our gut!! (we do that a lot)... so technically we already picked the one that we are ordering, but I want to share with you 4 of our top 6, and get your opinions as well!!! Next Monday, on MY wedding Monday... I will share our decision!!

Ok lets go!!! So again, all these designs were made possible by Magnet Street Weddings and all the photos of us were taken by the talented Robert Yaskovic of Yaskovic Wedding + Portrait. (his amazing photos also made it difficult to make a decision... we liked them all, and couldn't decide between 7 of them for the SD!

Here they are, in no particular order... I numbered them for voting purposes only!!!


I inked out our actual date and last names in case we have stalkers that we don't want to crash the wedding!!! hehehe :-)  And yes... Eat, Drink, and Be Married is a nod to my favorite musician, Dave Matthews, with a bit of a twist... it will hold NUMEROUS places for our wedding!!! hehe...


I love these pictures!!! hehehe, but who am I kidding... i love all the pictures!!!


Another fantastic shot!!!

Don't you love them??? I do... even though we decided last night, I look at these again, and wonder if we made the right decision!! haha... Johnny laughs at me cause at the rate I'm going, I would never decide!!!

Another awesome thing about Magnet Street... they sell invitations too!!! Some of the Save the Dates have matching invites as well, which is cool if you want to coordinate everything!!

I can't wait to get them!! I'm so excited!!! :-)  Hope you enjoy! and let me know what you think!

Happily Ever After,
Your Bizzy Bride


  1. At the risk of choosing one that isn't the RIGHT one... 2, 2, a thousand times 2!!!

  2. I'm with Shmegs...#2 - except I think the photo is screwy in my view it looks like John's head is cut off..

  3. #'s 1 and 3 are my favorite, so the one you picked must be amazing!

  4. #2...since you love soooo many of the pix...why not have 3 of your favorites! - Lori