Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wedding Dress Wednesday - Butterflies!

EDIT: The color of the BHLDN Ethereal Monarch Gown is actually called Buttercream... WHICH... makes me love it EVEN more!!!!

Anyone who knows me is aware of my fascination with butterflies.  I have them tattooed all over my body, I have had them as decorations in my home for years, and I basically just love them.  So naturally I plan on having them throughout the wedding... from the favors, to the cake, there will be butterflies.

On top of that, I have been trying to find a wedding dress with butterflies on it, but haven't been exactly successful.  The first one I found was this... Butterfly yes, wedding (for me), not so much!  This is a Luly Yang Couture dress, and is rumored to hold a $25,000 price tag... OUCH!

I mean, its definitely butterfly, and although I wont be wearing white, I will be wearing a variation (ivory... my complexion cant take white!)

So... on with the search... I found this pretty gown, but again, not really my style for the wedding... I couldn't find out much about it, but I believe it is vintage...

I do love the butterflies... but not really what I looking for!

So I found this image, which I believe came from a DIY Martha Stewart... and I could probably do with a little help of some needle and thread... but still its not quite what I want...

And then... I found this... close... and beautiful and elegant, and from one of my most favorite designers... Alfred Angelo... The only thing is, its from his new line, and I don't know how much it is, or specific details as it was just released in his new Disney Princess Line.  This is called Rapunzel!

AND... IT'S ONE SHOULDER!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think the trim on the bottom is all butterflies, but I have yet to find a photo of a closeup of the bottom... but I will keep searching! It's kind of perfect... especially if it comes in Ivory... and knowing Alfred Angelo, the price is most likely going to be reasonable... All his other Princess gowns retail under $1400.  Here is a sketch of the Rapunzel!

I was able to just find a little excerpt about this dress... from the press release:

"The delicate three-dimensional satin petals on the skirt pay homage to the natural things Rapunzel longs for, and expresses through her artistry. These petals are adorned with light-catching crystals and twinkling sequins to represent the lanterns she views every year on her birthday from her tower."

So they might not be butterflies, but I still like it...

and Now, for the gown that I have found that is perfect in every way!!!  Well... almost...

This is the Ethereal Monarch Gown by BHLDN, and its EVERYTHING that I want... its Ivory... It has butterflies throughout the skirt that stretch up to the waist... more butterflies that trail along the left shoulder.  It's not strapless, with its shoulder kissing neckline... and it looks unbelievably vintage to me... There is pleated tulle underneath that adds a fabulous touch, and an interior corset.  The back shapes into a V and has fabric covered buttons... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress... but the price is a bit of a shocker... at $3200, it certainly exceeds my budget!! :-( which is sad, but definitely the way the cookie crumbles! Who knows, maybe it would look horrible on me!

But look at the details:

They also pride this dress on being flattering on all body types...

OK OK, I will stop now.  I tend to have a lot of dream dresses, there are hundreds that I love... 10's that I love love... and this one that just takes the cake. 

I have PLENTY of time to look for a dress... I don't plan on going shopping for a few more months... want to get in better shape, save some more money, and also give those designers out there more time to make more amazing dresses!!! Who knows, maybe someone will knock off the BHLDN gown and I can get it cheaper!!

Ahh I do love dresses... they seriously make me Happy... Ever After!! ;-)
Your Bizzy Bride!

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  1. Let's goooo shopping!!! You won't know til you try it on!!