Thursday, June 16, 2011

DIY Day - The Program Alternative

I started looking for alternatives to the wedding program.  Sure its nice for your guests to know the names of the people involved in your wedding, and when you have a church wedding, its good to see the "itinerary" for the ceremony, the readings and whatnot... but if you are having a quick ceremony with only a few attendants in your party, do you really want to spend the money on printing out a bunch of programs?  Half the time they end up on the floor or in the garbage, and though I am not a huge eco-positive person, I don't like to waste!!!

I first came across this idea... printing your program on a fan for that hot summer wedding... this way the program is functional as well as informative. (courtesy of The Knot)

Cute, modern, and like I said, functional...

but, still could be a waste... so then I found this... from Off Beat Bride

Make a huge sign with your bridal party information... this is great for the wedding without readings and a big to-do ceremony.  It allows for your bridal party to be recognized, and you can customize it and personalize it, however you want!!! I love it... its a DIY in disguise!!!

This prompted me to look a little further... I like this idea, but want a little more formal... At The Unique Creative Hip Blog, I came across this little gem!!!

Its pretty, colorful, neat, and everything a program needs to be!! And its a chalk board!!

Today's blog post has a duel function... not just is this a cool DIY project, but it is also something that I will be adopting for our wedding... though slightly different, and quite frankly, possibly even more unique... I have not yet found it anywhere else... but I plan to do this program alternative, but instead of a chalk board, I am going to have my future MIL (who is an excellent artist) PAINT our program on a large canvas.  We will display it on (hopefully) and antique easel in the ceremony pavilion!  She will paint gorgeous flowers and make it totally summery with our Greens and Purples!!! I am super excited about it!!

You might be thinking about the guest who LOVES to have keepsakes from your big day, and who may even be into the whole scrapbooking idea and who will go home wishing they had a program to commemorate the day.  I am one of those people who have kept the programs of every wedding I have ever been to.  But this STILL works!!!  You can take a picture of it!!! Hello!!! :-)  So not only will your awesome photographer get a great shot of it... but your guests can take pics too!!!

I love it... and I cant wait to show you ours next year!!!

A little D.I.Y, and a little us!!!
Happily Ever After!
Your Bizzy Bride!

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  1. Thanks for these ideas, especially the photos. I was looking for a program alternative to save paper; wanted a sign but wasn't sure what it could look like. This helped!