Friday, June 10, 2011

Favor Friday - Eco Friendly

Having a wedding where the color scheme is green and purple allows me to find some interesting things when I do Google searches for "Green Wedding".  Today... when I typed in "Green Wedding Favors", it came back with Plantable Card Favors... We did these for my MOH's bridal shower, and they were adorable AND a big hit... I thought today, I would highlight a couple of good sites for you in case you wanted to do the same!

Probably the most versatile site, as usual, is The Knot Shop.  They can be personalized to suite you needs. When you add them to your cart, you are given the option to add text, pick the shape and the color.  You can buy these for $11.95 for a package of 12...

Here is the chosen text and the Heart design with white paper...

Choose your design

Choose your seed paper color.

The knot also has Seed Bookmarks for $11.95 for 12, which I really like!!!

They have Post Cards... ($11.95 for 12)

and... This Bucket of Love that comes with the seed papers, a personalized tag, and the tin pail ($78 for 50, and $138 for 100)

Another site is Daisy Days, which is where we got my MOH's... Here they have bags of paper confetti.  They come with 350 petals per bag and cost $19.95.  The more bags you buy, the better the deal.  You can pick from white to assorted colors.  You can separate them into groups of favors, or sprinkle them on tables, or have a tin with them for people to take.

They too have the cards that can be personalized... and range in prices of $1.65 ea. for 25-99 and $1.55 for 100+.

If you are really into the Ecological, "green" favors... I would say that Daisy Days is the way to go.  They have plantable gift boxes, bags of seeds, these seed cards, and biodegradable products beyond imagination!

So in case you are confused, when you get home with your seed favor, (remove back card if it came with one) and plant it.  Water them as you would any seed, and wild flowers will grow.

These are perfect for the bridal shower... but can also be done cute for the wedding itself!!!

I hope you enjoyed!! See you tomorrow for quite the wish!!!

Happily Ever After,
Your Bizzy Bride

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