Monday, June 20, 2011

My Wedding Monday - DJ!

I think one of the toughest decisions so far has been the DJ.  If you think about it, they play a HUGE roll in how your party goes... Do you want an active DJ or one who holds back? Do you want to pick all your music, or do you want to leave it up to them?  Do you want a band or a DJ, first of all?  Do you want lights and lasers, or do you want toned-down and fancy?  Its a tough decision... and we had a tough time!!  AND... we only met with a couple!

In the beginning I was attending bridal shows like a pro!  At one show I met this DJ pair that I took to instantly.  They weren't pushy, they were young, but didn't come across as amateurs... they were friendly, but playful too.  When my MOH and I walked toward their table the younger of the two gentlemen, handed me their folder... said to look at it over when I had a chance, but if I had any questions to feel free to ask.  So here I was, at my 3rd or 4th bridal show thinking, why didn't he give me his spiel? Why isn't he trying to sell me his bill of goods?  This intrigued me... So I said... "I have a question... I heard at another bridal show to ask DJ's what kind of equipment they use, so... what kind of equipment do you guys use?"

HA... The older DJ with this company jumped right in... now when I say older, I mean older than the other guy with him, but he is roughly the same age as my dear fiance.  So he steps in and says, "Let me ask you a question", with a smile on his face, "What do you know about DJ equipment?"... This made me laugh! He got me!!! I have NO CLUE what DJ equipment is, or does, nor do I care... but it started a conversation that made me feel comfortable instantly... so we laughed and talked, and he showed me the special price package for attending the show and let me on my way.

When it came time for the DJ discussion with the Fiance, I told him of these guys I met... He said we could give them a shot, so we took the drive down to New Rochelle to meet them!  Eric was our guy from Big Apple Entertainment, and he even remembered me from the bridal show... he said, "Yeah I remember you, you wanted to know about our equipment!! hahaha"... Fiance got a kick out of this too... So we sat there with him for over an hour just talking about ourselves and about our wedding and what we want our reception to be like... and he made us feel very comfortable, and confident that he was the right guy to be our MC/DJ.  He didn't try to oversell himself, he didn't push extras that we didn't want, and he understood that its going to be OUR day, not his SHOW!!!

BUT... Fiance didn't want to jump at the first DJ we interviewed... so we met with another company that was recommended by another one of our vendors.  This company was just as good as Big Apple, and although we felt comfortable with him as well, it was almost too comfortable... for instance, this guy was going to have us pick ALL our music for the night... call me crazy, but if I don't know a thing about equipment, I don't know a thing about picking music either... Leave it up to me and the whole thing would be Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam, and Jack Johnson... Plus, he was a little vague on what exactly we would be getting, where as Big Apple had a specific package that explained everything thoroughly.

We were still torn as we liked both individuals equally... but we discussed it at length and took in advice from others and decided to go with the guy that we felt understood US as a couple, and that we knew would be able to take the reigns and do the job without making it a chance for him to shine... He's also the guy that we decided we would invite to family BBQ... that's how comfortable we were with him, and how much fun we thought he was... (back story... the 3 of us have a lot in common too that we learned during our meeting) so it just kinda worked...

So there you have it... how we came to find our MC and DJ from Big Apple Entertainment.  They work out of New Rochelle, NY... and here are a couple pics from their website...

That guy there in the center is Eric!! He just looks fun, right??

After the big day, I will give a formal endorsement... but as of right now, I highly urge you to give them a chance, and talk to them if you are in the market... they can be as high voltage or calm and cool as you want them to be... and everywhere in the middle as well!  I cant wait for them to bring the party to our big day, and I just know deep down that we made the right decision!!

Happily Ever After
Your Bizzy Bride

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