Monday, June 6, 2011

MY Wedding Monday - Venue!!

Today I would like to share with you all our Venue.  Its gorgeous and I love it!! Nestled in the Town of Hopewell Junction in upstate New York, Le Chambord "combines the charm of a European Inn with the elegance of an 1863 Georgian Colonial Estate." (all pictures taken from the website)

For everyday purposes, Le Chambord is a four star, American Continental restaurant with a highly reviewed menu, and one of America's top gourmet chef's, Leonard Mott.  The picture above shows the entrance to the restaurant, and behind the trees on the left, sits the Grand Ballroom, where we will seat our guests for our amazing reception.

All done up in whites and golds, the Grand Ballroom holds roughly 250 guests.  Adorned with crystal chandeliers, numerous antiques, a private bar (that the late Judy Garland used to drink at), and a large oak dance floor, the Grand Ballroom is the picture of elegance.  Those windows that you see in the picture above is where our sweetheart table will be located, and as I mentioned in a previous blog, the trees outside those windows will be set with little white Christmas lights.  Our table will be set with antique candelabras, and each guest table will have a tall candelabra with a floral centerpiece placed above (this is so that the guests can still comfortably talk to each other across the table without fighting around a centerpiece).

Next to the ballroom is the estate's Inn, where our guests have the luxury of the experiencing the owner's magnificent art collection and a plethora of charming antiques.  Each room is unique and designed with period furnishings.  They each have their own private bathrooms, and spacious bed chambers.  Room is limited, but our guests who are unable to book in the Inn will be able to book in any of the numerous hotels that are offered nearby.

(the front of the Inn)

We decided early on that we wanted to get married on site where our reception is.  The convenience alone was priceless, and Le Chambord has a beautiful Pavilion on site for ceremonies and the cocktail hour.

Flanked by an abundance of hanging potted flowers, the room experiences a beautiful breeze through its open walls.  Sheer curtains hang from each opening, and can be closed in the event of rain to keep out the elements.  A large canopy will also be put up, in the event of rain, so that I will not get wet walking from my suite to the ceremony!! :-)

After the ceremony, the guests are encouraged to visit the gazebo for pictures as the pavilion is broken down and set up (quickly) for the cocktail hour.

After the cocktail hour, our guests will be led into the Grand Ballroom, and my groom and I will be walked, by red carpet into the front of the Grand Ballroom for our main entrance... then, THE PARTY BEGINS!! :-)

I'm excited, in case you couldn't tell.. and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Le Chambord.  I must be honest, it's not exactly cheap (not terribly expensive either), but it's worth every penny.  AND... the best part... only one event per day... so I do not have to share the grounds of the estate with anyone but my guests!

Now, I dont want to give too much away... I want my guests to see it all for its beauty when they arrive...

OH.. and the owner, Roy, is super helpful, and he's already promised to help us in every way, and ensure that we live...
Happily Ever After!
Your Bizzy Bride :-)

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