Thursday, June 2, 2011

DIY Day - Kind of!

So I can't stop thinking about those Mr. & Mrs. forks that I want to buy... and it had me thinking of how excited I am to be a bride, and a wife... a Mrs!!! :-)  Although I know everyone will know I am the bride next year on our big day, I want it highlighted in my decor.  It is all about me anyway, right?  So I have found a very cute way of making sure more attention is bestowed upon me!!

We will have a sweetheart table at our reception... but I saw these little ways to "tag" our chairs! It think its adorable, and adds another little DIY aspect to the day... one that is quick and easy too.

I want to give credit to these photos right off the bat... many were taken by the PHENOMENAL Jose Villa... and essentially, I found all these photos on the blog Style Me Pretty.  Its an excellent site for bridal research and inspiration, and one that is added in my links on the side!!

So lets get started!!!  Mr. and Mrs.

I enjoy these because they look vintage! Shocker, Jeannie likes something vintage looking... but seriously, they are also rustic with how they are made, but classic with the text script.  Its adorable!

This one is very elegant, as it appears the whole theme is.  I like the little silhouette pictures involved and the fancy frames... cute addition to the table.  And here is one combined....

Very adorable... very country with the cross stitching... but proves the point!! :-)

And this take the Mr. and Mrs. and adds a personal touch with a photo of the couple...

I like this idea too, but I kind of wish they used two different photos... but I am a photo freak... so of course I want lots!!!!

This is another way to point out the guests of honor... Bride and Groom

Hard to see the writing, but it does say Bride, in a BEAUTIFUL script.  I like the ribbons too, its a nice touch, and much cheaper than renting linens!!

Or, you could go with the Bride and Grooms initials... I like this, because again, it puts the attention on the bride and groom, but adds a nice personal touch!

I have a thing for these block letters too... I'm not sure what it is about them, but I love them!!!

Naturally, I saved my favorite for last... I think I am going to try and figure out how to do this for our venue.  The only thing is, we have rounded chair backs covered in white linens... so I have to figure out how to rope around the chairs and pull them together in the middle without making it difficult for us to be able to get up and down when needed...

Again, its that block look... the white is super classic (though part of me wants to color mine in with purple and green swirls!! hehehe...) Its like taking that Mr and Mrs idea that I love, and making it just subtle enough that it makes it a nice touch!! :-) I love it, and as I look at it, I cant stop smiling!!! It's going to happen! hahah.

Our sweetheart table is right in front of a large window that looks out into the woods that are decorated with Christmas lights, so that there is a beautiful twinkle behind us all night... I picture us sitting at our table, exchanging a kiss with our little ampersand between us, and maybe our amazing photographer can take a pic of us from outside looking in as we're lit up by our twinkle lights!! hehehe...

We can keep the ampersand forever on our mantle or on the wall... another awesome keepsake of our wedding, but also of our union!!

Ok, I'm getting super gushy now... I'm soooooo going to live Happily Ever After!
Your Bizzy Bride!!

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