Friday, June 17, 2011

Favor Friday - Crafty Crayons!!!

I had no idea what to post for favors today... I wanted something different... something new... I couldn't find anything in my usual search spots... and then I thought... ah heck with it... I'll go see what is on Off Beat Bride, maybe I wont do favors today... and there it was... "Crafty Crayon Favors Can Be Customized for ANY Wedding Theme"... SOLD!!!

Here is what they highlighted... (LOVE the lego guys)

They gave cute ideas to get those silicone ice tray molds in whatever shapes you want, melt down some crayons, and bam... customized...

So this had me looking, and I found MORE ideas... Here on the Frugal Family Fun Blog, they show how they make multi-colored heart-shaped crayons... and package them up!!

And, of course... Etsy has an entire shop!!! The ZeeBree Shop... Here are Butterflies that come in a set of 6 for $6.95

Here they make CUPCAKES!!!  6 to the set with different color bases... packed in a bakers box for $7.50

These adorable rings come in a set of 8 for $4.50, in the color you choose!!!

I think these DIY or simply BUY crayon favors are a cute idea... if you are having a fun themed wedding, I think it would add a cute personal touch... especially if you are going for a more young, fun, trendy vibe!!  If they aren't right for your traditional, elegant wedding, why not incorporate them for your shower??

A side note... these can also be done with soaps if you think crayons are too "childish", but we can jump into that next week!!! :-)

Happily Ever After with a splash of color!
Your Bizzy Bride!

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